The salmon industry has operated for little less than four decades in Chile, while the mussel producing industry has been for just over 50 years in the country. In perspective, both are brief stories that have turned these industrial sectors into world leaders.

With exports of 587,000 and 73,000 tonnes in 2018, respectively, these are industries filled of stories, anecdotes and crises in recent years; lights and shadows that have allowed them to grow and reach the top position where they are today.

Abalones, oysters, Northern scallops and algae complement the table of aquaculture exports, to which we can add the promising experiences that are carried out in our territory with species such as Yellowtail, Conger eel, Corvina, Loco and Chilean sea bass.

In the case of the Chilean salmon industry, this is a cluster composed of more than 4,000 small, medium and large companies that, together, have allowed Chile to be the second producer and exporter of salmonids worldwide. In 2003, the Inter-American Development Bank described this group of producers, suppliers and associated institutions as ‘the largest natural cluster in the world’. This was the first recognition of the specialization, interconnection and associativity of this working network aimed at improving the productivity of this economic activity.

Fish producers, animal feed manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, land and shipping carriers, diagnostic laboratories, research and development centers, machinery factories, genetics suppliers and market analysts are part of this web too, for example.

Our vision is set to improve the interaction between these productive sectors and the different stakeholders, local and foreign, who are interested in first-hand knowledge about these operations. Also, in contributing to the flow of knowledge from these leading global industries towards actors and representatives of those aquaculture productions worldwide that are still in the development phase and that can be benefited from those lessons already internalized by the Chilean salmon producers.

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