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About Us


Our vision is set to improve the interaction between the productive sectors and the different stakeholders, local and foreign, who are interested in knowing firsthand about their operations. Also, to contribute to the flow of knowledge from these world-leading industries to actors and representatives of aquaculture productions that are still in development and that can benefit from the learning already internalized by producers Chilean.


Our mission is to bring the visitor closer to this living industry. To present data, anecdotes and stories through guided technical visits, which allow us to understand the history, know-how and culture of Chilean aquaculture. We also want to rescue those anthropological vestiges of aquaculture in Chile and, through them, allow the visitor to understand the current state of this productive activity.


Our view is set to become a Destination Management Company (DMC), capable of integrally managing all the necessary requirements within the execution of a program of technical visits to aquaculture. In this way, to be a professional services company with knowledge, experience and local resources, that works in the design and implementation of events, activities, excursions, transport and logistics.

Our services

We offer a wide variety of guided technical visits to productive facilities, whether you want to visit freshwater units, seawater production, processing plants, diagnostic labs, food safety labs or Research and development facilities.


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