Industrial tourism is a concept recently coined and is, perhaps, one of the most contradictory aspects in tourism. Why contradictory? Because the tourism and industrial concepts make an oxymoron, at first glance. The tourist traditionally places a priority emphasis on rest and leisure; while the industrial has its accent on productive actions, that is, on the job.

Our mission is to bring the visitor to this living industry, to present data, anecdotes and stories through guided technical visits, and to understand the history, know-how and culture of the Chilean aquaculture. Likewise, we also want to rescue, the history so unique to this industrial development and, through this, allow the visitor to understand the current state of this activity.

By this, we hope to bring the visitor closer to the reality of this territory, its history and its main economic activities; facilitating the understanding of its urban development and being able to interpret the landscape. In short, to know more about the economic base of the Chilean Patagonia.